Sunday, May 18, 2003

things are going alright... emmm made it through this week.. had a presentation on tuesday, a test on wed, thurs and friday! algeo was a group test... n muthu did the whole thing... *KEKE*... and skipped calculus' test... woohoo.. got another one on tuesday and things would be normal again... cept friggin noogie should stop calling me!!!! WTF.. calls me like 4 times on thursday... 3 times on friday.. and call mah FUKIN cell TWICe coz mah dad gave him mah cell # like a year ago thinking he was some teacher whom i'm supposedly went to skool to help out wid the commencement... he's GAY!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! went to eat kbbq with chuen n bunch of his friend for his friend's bday.. emmmm we had 7 ppl at our table.. while the guyz got 2 tables of 4s??... hwo is that fair??... 7 ppl at ONE table... ??.. not much eating getting done! while i ate 2 bowls and rice and tons of salmon and emmmmmm 8 bowls of soup =).. tasty... kbbq is yummy.... i now crave for sushi... emmmm "tian 1"... all u can eat sushi.. yummy... well chuen just promised me a big food fest once i get mah UT acceptance *fingers crossed*... umhm... mah bb works to feed me... umhm... n datz how its gonna be in the future too ar... =) mee hungry now... i wanna eat somin now...

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

there are a lot of crap stuff that can make u =( in life... but from what i've learn this past year is to put all those aside and not to worry abt them becoz they're not worth it... i do consider mahself as lucky. i have the sweetest bf who'll do anything for me.. i have parents that love each other and rarely fight (i've seen it once in 18 years) and care abt all the kids more than anything else... mah education is so far so good... been accepted into UW and hopefully UT engineering... have life-long friends whom i can always count on even when they're all over the globe.. but mah life is not perfect. there will be blemishes in mah life and ppl trying to cause agony to mah life coz their life is already miserable by their incredible amount of hate. hating someone is harder than being hated by a hateful person. tracing back to what happened in gr. 10... i think i've made a big mistake by responding to ppl's naive "games". but it'll always be a lesson for me in life, somin to be there to remind mahself to not ever get involved in such foolish complications and to never again lower mah class to those whom i dun respect. i dun think mah personality has changed much, i'm still bitchy... mah temper is still bad... and i still get furious when i hear what some people are saying, jus like the old days... but i think what really has changed is that i grew while others didn't! i think being wid chuen for 19months has really taught me to think b4 i act... i am able to calm mahself down better now and just talk to mahself and i think the best way to things is to appreciate what u have. i appreciate mah grades, i cherish mah bf, family and mah friends... these were the things i never really thought much of... i've always been good wid skool work n now i appreciate the fact that i do well in skool... bf.. never thought i would be tied down so early in mah life but i have, and i am going to marry this guy n be with him for an eternity =) (no one knows how much we love each other cept ourselves... )... mah family and mah close friends are the ones who are always there supporting me and caring for me... and i love them all..!! and i miss mah friends... everyone has gone in their own directions... we can't get together like we did b4... but even occassional convos/phone calls shows that things didn't change much.. we'll always gonna be the fruits in a pot.. ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2003

this is driving me insane! mah dad's telling me to accept UW as soon as possible... and i know both of mah parents want me to go waterloo.. coz for some odd reason, in the chinese ppl's point of view.. uw is all that! but i DUNNO... last night.. i had mah mind set on going to UW... but u see... in reality i wanna go to UT more than UW.. but now that stupid UW accepted me, got mah parents alll excited and proud and shit.. and everyone congratulating me and mah parents... it adds soooooo much pressure on mah shoulders. after talking to mr. ferrando for a long time this afternoon... he gave some insights on the acceptances process that i never knew b4... i know he was biased against UW... even he told me... coz he's from UT.. he said UT has the largest fundings and facilities for engineering and it is definitely the best in canada... and can easily be compared to most Universities in the states.. but nothing like MIT or Harvard of course.. or UCLA... he didn't talk much abt UW... but that their coop got them successful but UT has it too!!! AHHHHH.. oh god... sooo confused... what should i do?!!! i do know that i would wanna go to UT more than UW... first of all... i dun wanna go off by mahself... dun think i'll get used to that.. being away from family, friends and chuen! secondly... i'm still not extremely determined to be a civil engineer... so if i go to UW, i can't transfer... whereas in UT if i wish i can switch since first year is general course... and UT has the 7 years program that gives u bachelor in engineering and masters in business and admin... and UT is closer to home... but i know if i dun go to UW.. mah parents will be sooo disappointed... oh man... what am i spose to do! right now.. i just hope i can get into UT so i really do know for sure that mah options are open... hoooo fann ar

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Got mah acceptance to Civ. Engineering for the University of Waterloo yesterday! emmmm... I'm happy and confused at the same time. *SIGH*... i gotta admit.. i was running around the house when i got it.. i mean c'mon... early acceptances to Engineering at UW... why wouldn't anyone be happy??!!! got a personal... hand-written letter from the Prof and Chair of the department of civil engineering at uw telling me mah waterloo profile was really good and THAT got me in for the first round pick instead of mah marks...and he was selling the town of kitchen/waterloo to me, saying that it was multi-cultural (coz in mah profile i mentioned that mah chinese is really important to me)... he also mentioned all the things i can do in waterloo would be equivalent to GTA, he said he was impressed wid the way i talked mahself and choice n sincerely hope that i'll accept the offer. i am overwhelmed! coz of the early acceptance... parents basically told everyone they know... haha.. and i got "red pockets" ppl are soooooo funny! now they're pressuring me to go again..but i wanna wait for UT... i wanna go to UT... ! i know this is unwise but i really dun wanna stay far from chuen.. .its gonna be soo hard! =( i called the UT person... and talked to the civ person.. nelly, she said she'll be doing admission and she looked at mah marks and files and said i shouldn't worrie... the cut off is only around low-mid 80s... more towards 80s..and i should be fine... yet acceptances won't be send out til early june which means IF i do get into UT.. i would only have a few days or even less to decide between uw and ut... and i'm already feeling the pressure now =( i really wanna make a choice that'll be good for me... for mah future and mah education... and mah future i see chuen in it... so i wanna do the best thing for our relationship and mah education which may be hard to balance! and mah parents are bumped up abt uw... i dunno how i'm gonna let them know that i won't be... i'm sure they'll understand but it'll be hard... i gotta a lot of thinking to do!

Friday, March 21, 2003

had chuen over to help me on algeo n for dinner tonight... had ENUF of algeo.. from 7-11:30...well we ate for like an hour in the tired!! i have yet to study for mah i'm hella tired